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Announcing the RE-RELEASE of:
The Marketing Made-Easy Workshop
by Carl Galletti

You Are Only One Step Away From:

Exploding Your Profits
Through The Roof!

Here Are the Secrets That Can Make
ANY Business Take Off,
Including YOURS!

Dear Friend,

Imagine your business generating so much cash that your main problem is to figure out what to do with it all.

What I am about to introduce to you creates that kind of a problem. So, if that’s not what you want, please STOP reading right now.

Hi. My name is Carl Galletti and for years I struggled to make marketing work. Sometimes it would but most times it wouldn’t. I was at my wits end until I discovered a treasure chest of secret marketing techniques.

These marketing techniques made it possible for me to make more…a lot more money.

I used them to make $35,946.00 in just a few weeks.

Then $34,500.00 in a single day!

Long story short, I’ve made as much as $458,949.00 in just 60 minutes. That’s my record.

Then, people everywhere were wanting to know my secrets, so I created a course called the Marketing Made Easy Workshop with a partner who owned a rather radical Madison Avenue ad agency. But wait…I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me start from the beginning…

Many years ago, I was Vice-President of a boutique ad agency on Madison Avenue in New York City. The head of that agency, Michael Randazzo, and I would meet weekly in Woodstock, NY at his weekend retreat. During those sessions we would discuss how to market products and services for clients.

One weekend before I was part of the agency, he had held a marketing seminar that was very well attended. So, during one of our sessions I suggested we do a follow-up seminar to go more in depth. Michael loved the idea and we set to planning and promoting it.

When it finally did occur, we discovered that, without any intention on our part, we had put together the perfect mix of businesses.

Because of the place we rented, we could only accommodate 12 businesses (Woodstock is a small town and there weren’t any bigger places available at the time).

Despite the small number, those attendees represented the ideal mix, some corporate, some small business, some individual entrepreneurs. Some were local businesses, some national and some International. We couldn’t have planned a better mix.

And it was a good thing that we had decided to hire a professional audio team to record  the entire seminar. We were especially excited when it was over because we realized that, because of the perfect mix of participants, it had made their contributions all the more valuable.

The first part of the program dealt with teaching some innovative marketing principles. At the time I had been studying everything I could get my hands on from Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, etc., so those concepts were foremost at the seminar.

Then we did hot seats with all of the participants, one at a time, and the other participants were able to chime in and help out, having just learned some mind-blowing marketing techniques.

All of this was captured in audio recordings. Then we had them professionally transcribed and edited.

And that is when Marketing Made-Easy was born.

It is a quality product that provides you with valuable information, vital marketing know-how that businesses and entrepreneurs desperately need.  By applying the principles and techniques in the workshop you could skyrocket any existing business or start a successful new one.

The profits received from using the techniques would more than compensate for its tiny investment.

The audio recordings totaled 11 hours, 44 minutes and 1 second. The transcripts amounted to 364 pages.

At the time and for several years after, I sold many sets.. I don’t recall the exact number but it was somewhere in the hundreds.

People got a lot out of the course.

John Barker used just one of its principles and sold 500 of his $197.00 product in just 19 days for a total of $998,500.00.

Brian Kay used the techniques to build his business up to generate $100,000+ per month.

A 21-year old high school dropout went from zero to $673,536.00 a month in less than 17 months with a recurring membership that only cost him $30/month…and English was his second language.

I could go on but I think you get the idea. A lot of people made a lot of money using these marketing principles.

But as the years went on I got into other things and stopped promoting the seminar.

I pretty much forgot about it, although somewhere along the way I made the decision to digitize the audio recordings to Mp3 files. But I didn’t do anything with them.

Then recently, I came across some of the original sets while moving from one storage facility to another. I took it out and went through it and was reminded of how valuable the workshop is. In fact, I spotted a few principles that had fallen into disuse and even more into misuse. So, I decided to re-release it.

Any business that puts these principles to use will have a windfall of profits. And I don’t know any business who doesn’t need that right now.

How much would you pay to learn how to double, triple, quadruple your profits? I can tell you it’s a lot more than I’m asking for this course. That’s good for you.

But there’s another reason I want this to be affordable. My partner in this project, Michael Randazzo, contracted pancreatic cancer and died a few years ago and I remember that when we first decided to do the workshop we had wanted to create a product that would enrich the lives and fortunes of our clients and we both had decided that this was the product that fulfilled that promise. So, in his memory, I want to get this thing out to once again help businesses/entrepreneurs to grow and profit.

So, here’s just some of what you’ll be getting in this course:

Marketing Made-Easy Workshop

The Workshop is a complete home-study course which takes you from beginner to marketing expert as quickly as anything you’re likely to run into.  Here are just some of the valuable techniques and marketing secrets you will discover through this course:

  •      A simple technique that increased sales an EXTRA $97,000.00 per month
  •      A Daring Technique that turned a $180,000 loss into a $3 million profit
  •      A secret technique that will shock your competition as you secretly steal market share away from them
  •      Where to find the marketing techniques that really work
  •      How to do your own advertising and get better results than any ad agency you are likely to hire
  •      What salespeople should say to trigger the sale and how to develop these phrases
  •      The biggest challenge faced by all businesses and how to overcome it
  •      An amazing secret about a little known device that increases the readership of practically any ad
  •      A simple test you can make to measure the quality of your sales letter or ad before you ever send out a single copy
  •      Typesetting laws that can make or break your advertising
  •      A little known and closely guarded secret of Japanese business success
  •      How to turn ordinary complaints into extraordinary opportunities
  •      What your advertising should do if you expect it to be successful
  •      The most difficult thing to do in all advertising and how to use it to your advantage
  •      A valuable business asset that costs you nothing
  •      How to build customer loyalty
  •      Why headlines are so important
  •      Secrets of successful headlines
  •      What a headline should do
  •      What a headline should contain
  •      Headline secrets from the top selling publications
  •      A simple technique that triggers response beyond your wildest dreams
  •      A simple law that multiplies your sales and skyrockets your profits!!!
  •      A way of thinking about your business that will make it successful
  •      What you should do right after someone buys from you, why it is vital and why you should do it right away
  •      How to release the hidden profits in your business and reap a bonanza
  •      Why you should never let a graphic designer create your ads
  •      Your most valuable resource & how to use it to your best advantage
  •      A secret phrase that you should use on all your company literature
  •      The most important thing you should know about getting new customers
  •      How to clone your best salesperson
  •      How to get your customers to come up with new uses for your product
  •      Tested Sentences that make people buy
  •      What you should tell your advertising agency or copywriter to get better ads
  •      Personal or impersonal?  Which will increase your results.
  •      How to train employees so you get the best customer service
  •      Secret selling techniques of the man who sold 200 million books through the mail
  •      The most powerful way to sell your product
  •      How to keep customers coming back again and again
  •      How to get satisfied customers to give you testimonials for your ads
  •      What you can learn from one department store that is prospering in a tough economy and even capturing customers from competitors
  •      What people really want to know about
  •      How to multiply the sales from all your advertising
  •      How to get the equivalent of a “Free loan by doing a simple trick with your advertising
  •      Secrets from a little-known meeting that took place in 1904 that could mean millions to you today
  •      How to capture the names and addresses of all your best customers and why it is vital to the success of your business
  •      A simple five minute exercise that shows you how to significantly improve your advertising results
  •      Benefits versus features: what they are and what the difference is between them – examples
  •      An easy low cost way to get lots of new customers
  •      How to make your advertising more believable
  •      The most powerful form of selling in person and how to use it in your advertising
  •      Fundamentals of how to build a successful business
  •      An easy technique that stimulates testimonials from satisfied customers
  •      What you should do with unsolicited testimonials that turns them into gold
  •      A very effective way to have friends help you get new customers
  •      Which ad copy works best: long or short?  And why.
  •      Who you should mail to and why
  •      The three most important things to know about selecting a mailing list
  •      The best list you can mail to and why
  •      Where to get mailing lists that give you the best results.  What they cost.  Who sells them.
  •      How to get your sales letter opened.
  •      What your prospects should see when they open your envelope.
  •      Examples of good and bad mailing pieces — analysis
  •      How to use sweepstakes and contests to increase your results by 50%
  •      What you need to know about sweepstakes and contests to make them legal as well as profitable
  •      USP- A simple trick that distinguishes you from all your competition.  What it is, how to form it (with examples) and how to make it work for you
  •      Secrets of store displays that increase customer traffic
  •      Structure of brainstorming
  •      The best way to make your advertising believable
  •      How to get your customers to speak favorably to others about you, your company and your products
  •      When to mail first class/when to use bulk mail
  •      How to get first class treatment at bulk mail prices
  •      What color paper is best for your sales letter
  •      A difference that resulted in a 20 times increase in response from ad
  •      What it costs to acquire a new customer
  •      Why you should have good products and good customer service
  •      Why you should almost never use the word “we” in your ad copy
  •      How to clone your best salesperson
  •      How upselling can multiply your sales
  •      How to get other businesses to give you hot sales leads at no cost to you!
  •      How to make lots of extra money by licensing your successful actions to other non-competitive businesses
  •      Why some graphics and pictures can hurt your sales and what you can do to avoid this

As you can see, there is a lot to this course.  Here is a list of the materials you get with the workshop:

  • 12 one-hour audio recordings of the actual Workshop, as it was conducted.  This was a live workshop that was professionally audiotaped. This comes as an instantly downloadable set of mp3 files that you can listen to on your computer, cell phone, iPod or any other device that plays mp3 files, including most audio systems in later model automobiles. You can also burn them to a CD.
  • A transcript of the entire 12 hours. 364 pages. That’s the equivalent of 5-10 standard “Internet-style” ebooks. This comes in an easily downloadable PDF format.

If you went out and tried to get the secrets contained in this workshop, it could cost you hundreds, maybe thousands more.  You’d have to go to some expensive seminars and/or buy some expensive courses and other materials.  But all of the above can now be yours for a very reasonable price, a small amount when you consider how many thousands (possibly millions!) of dollars these techniques could bring you.

They have worked for me, they have worked for others and I believe they will work for you if you give them a try.

It’s easy to order.  Just click on the button below. Order today.  Do it NOW while you have decided to step into the profitable future these amazing marketing techniques will bring you.