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Tested Sentences That Sell

by Elmer Wheeler

President Tested Selling Institute

— to get what you want

An order? A job? A date? Promotion?

Each is the selling job of getting others to say Yes.

The magic of WORDS THAT GET ACTION, as practiced and taught by Elmer Wheeler, has made millions of extra dollars for men and women who were “run of the mill” until they learned the knack of using TESTED SENTENCES THAT SELL!

To get what you want, you have to sell successfully…to use words that persuade — sentences that “click.” The slight twist of a phrase may double your own income – may get whatever it is you want most.

  • Six well-chosen words, suggested by the author, fetched one merchant over 1.600 customers.
  • A three-word phrase sold millions of square clothespins.
  • Another Tested Selling Sentence sold a million gallons of gasoline.

Yet the methods, ideas and principles are so simple, practical, and fascinating that you can use them every day to get from others the action you want.

Remember: When you sell yourself or your product:

Your First 10 Words Are More Important Than The Next 10,000.

But they must be the right words — sentences that SELL.

This amazing book teaches you the art of using Tested Selling Sentences – of finding the words that bring ACTION, and get what you want.

GET WHAT YOU WANT with a few well-chosen words

  • A boy sells his dad the idea of buying him a bike.
  • The young man sells his girl on their next date.
  • The lawyer sells himself to the client, judge, and jury.
  • The doctor to his patients.

To get what you want most – you have to sell successfully. You have to use words that persuade – sentences that “click.”

    Read, study and apply the methods explained in “Tested Sentences That Sell.”

    • Learn how to get the answers you want –
    • How to win social arguments gracefully —
    • How to close sales with scarcely any effort —
    • How to write letters that get results —
    • How to overcome objections —
    • How to land the job you want, etc.

    This book illustrates. the art of building SENTENCES THAT SELL … of using word-magic to get what you want. Download your copy right now!

    It’s “WORD-MAGIC”

    Successful selling depends on many things, but, after all, it is the words you use with your prospect that make or break the sale for you.

    The slight twist of a phrase may make the difference between success and failure.

    The words and phrases that Wheeler tested and found to work were so simple that anyone could have thought them up. But so original, that no one ever did.

    Inside “Tested Sentences That Sell” you’ll get:

    32 Chapters of straight-to-the-point, no-nonsense ideas that will help you sell more. Such as:

    • Everybody’s heard “don’t sell the steak – sell the sizzle”, right? Well, it was Elmer Wheeler who originally coined the phrase. But if you really want the low-down on how to sell the sizzle, you’ll need to devour Chapter 1.

    • Play to your prospects hot emotional buttons with these three unique formulas. Find out how on page 24
    • Discover the triggers that tell you your customer is sold. Go to page 57
    • Sell to 80% of your audience by using these three basic human motives. Hint: none of them are Greed or Fear. To find out what they are turn to page 29

    • How to use human emotion to change a negative response into a positive one and grab more sales practically overnight. This secret can be found on page 85
    • Your customers don’t want to be sold to but they do want to buy. Unlock your customers’ buying motives and they will be begging to send money to you. See page 54
    • You can get 7 out of every 10 of your prospects to buy if you implement this simple law. See what it is on page 28
    • Provide an easy cure for your customers’ problems by using these two words. You won’t believe how simple this is but find out on page 69
    • Find out why less means more and tested research proves that you will make more sales using this technique (see page 5)
    • 9 facts that you need to know to distinguish you from your competitors. What are they? See page 87
    • Overcome price resistance by using this one simple rule. Find out what it is on page 130
    • One simple tactic that can improve your response up to 21 times (Yes, 2100%!). It’s tested and proven and now you can know what it is. Turn to page 86

    And if that’s not enough, look closely at these:

    • Want to get even the most skeptical prospect to order? See how on page 55

    • If you want to get more out of your customers, what should you be asking for? The answer is on page 47
    • How to make your sale stick like glue with your prospect and what tactics will never get you a sale (page 22)
    • Use this one word to turn a “lost” customer into your next sale. This technique can be found on page 91
    • It sounds crazy, but your prospect needs baiting. Use this technique to get your prospects snapping at what you have to offer. Find out what it is on page 124
    • Get the right response from people every time by making this minor tweak to your presentation. What is it? Page 75 reveals all.
    • Just how many words you should use to grab your prospects’ attention. Find out on page 39
    • Quick and easy techniques to get “yes” answers from your prospects. You’ll see how on page 62
    • One word to use repeatedly that will guarantee you get a positive response. I promise this will shock you! (page 11)
    • Ready for closing? Get an order every time with this simple question. You’ll find what this is on page 49

    The ideas in this book are so simple, so down to earth, it’s amazing everybody doesn’t use them. Even 30-year veteran salespeople don’t know a tiny fraction of all these secrets.

    “Just one idea on page 15 made me an extra $16,778.39 in just one week…and put me on the road to building a $1,213,678,97 business.”

    Peter Woodhead

    An NOW you can get this exact same resource for yourself.