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Announcing for the first time ever:

The Robert Collier Library

by Robert Collier

It’s no longer okay to just have the Robert Collier Letter Book. Here’s why:

The PRINCIPLES upon which Robert Collier based his successful career were NOT based on The Robert Collier Letter Book. As good as that book might be, it wasn’t around to inform Collier himself. No. But other books were.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what those books were?

And wouldn’t it be even better if you could have the very same books that he learned from?

Well, now you can.

For the first time in history, a library of those books has been assembled and during this launch, you can have it for pennies on the dollar.

But first, how do we know what those books were? Easy. Robert Collier himself told us in what can be called…

The most overlooked paragraph in The Robert Collier Letter Book:

“The first book on business letter writing I ever read was the “Business
Correspondence Library” published by System a good many years ago. To it,
and to “Applied Business Correspondence” and other books by Herbert
Watson, I owe most of my theoretical knowledge of letter writing. Those
familiar with Watson’s writings will recognize many of his theories in the
early chapters of this book. I gladly give acknowledgment to him as the one
on whose writings the groundwork of my own education in direct mail was

–Robert Collier

I’ve spent years collecting, assembling and improving the quality of all the books Robert Collier learned from or wrote on the subject of copywriting, direct response, and related.

Here they are:

NEWLY UPDATED! What? Wait. How can this be? This is the 1931 version of The Robert Collier Letter Book. It was chosen because it had something the later versions didn’t have: the actual examples Collier used to illustrate his principles. All these illustrations and references to them were deleted from later versions. But that wasn’t the worst part. The worst part is that, although this version restored those illustrations, the copy in them was unreadable. So, I tracked down an original copy at great expense and did a high-resolution scan of each image, then inserted them into the book in place of the poor scans.

Below is a comparison example of the difference. (The updated version is on the right)

407 Pages Instantly Downloadable & Searchable PDF – Normally sells for $29.97

It turns out that there were several different versions of this, some more sparse than others. What I did was find all the versions, combine them into two volumes, eliminate redundancies and irrelevancies, and then had them re-typeset into two cohesive volumes at a cost of $10,000.00.

So, in reality, this product never existed before. That makes this a lot more informative than the version Robert Collier had access to.

513 Pages in Two Volumes, Instantly Downloadable & Searchable PDF –
Normally sells for $37


This is the actual book Collier mentioned in his quote above. It’s loaded with lots of insight into the world of copywriting and letter writing. Most copywriters have never seen this, so you’re way ahead of them by studying this. Who knows? Maybe you’ll become as great a copywriter (or better) as Collier himself.

599 Pages, Instantly Downloadable & Searchable PDF –
Normally sells for $29.97


This is a collection of 65 Robert Collier’s ads plus 41 high-resolution scans of his ad examples, a direct mail promo for The Robert Collier Letter Book, and an in-depth study of another one of his ads.

116 Pages, Instantly Downloadable & Searchable JPG & PDF –
Normally sells for $29.97


This is a smaller, more concise product that reveals 247 vital points gathered from a study of 1200 actual letters to boil down the basic principles that get results with your copy.

98 Pages, Instantly Downloadable & Searchable PDF –
Normally sells for $29.97


An entire course based on the knowledge of the Bussiness Correspondence Course, Applied Business Correspondence, and How To Write Letters That Win. Presented in 14 lessons, each designed to give you problems to solve that will build and improve your skill levels.

14 Lessons in 221 Pages, Instantly Downloadable & Searchable PDF –
Normally sells for $19.97


These are Robert Collier’s personal picks for the best sales letters. In here you’ll find the original dollar bill letter, the original penny letter, and many more.

41 Pages, Instantly Downloadable & Searchable PDF –
Normally sells for $19.97


100 % Satisfaction GUARANTEED

As with all our products, your satisfaction is guaranteed. You’ve got a generous 30 days to evaluate the product and if not to your liking, your money will be cheerfully refunded.

What this Robert Collier Library will mean to you…

You will have in your hands the very same information that Robert Collier used to turn himself into one of the greatest copywriters who ever lived.

In fact, you’ll have more. He didn’t have his own two books when he was writing his copy.

There are nearly 2000 pages in this library. You don’t need to go through all of it to make an impact on your copy. Just start and you’ll find your results are getting better and better the more you learn from it and apply it to your copywriting.

To give you an idea of what the value is for this package compare it to your average eBook at 50 pages and costs $20. 2000 pages is the equivalent of 40 of these eBooks and at $20 each would cost you $800. So, you see, this is really quite a small investment for the value.

But let’s be clear: the REAL VALUE is in how much money it will put into your pocket by just learning and applying what you learn. Making your investment back is a no-brainer. And from then on everything else is your investment paying off for you…forever.

$67 is such a small investment in your copywriting skills that even if you just applied one or two ideas to just one email, you’d make your money back. But that’s NOT what you should be concerned with.

Take and apply this library to improve your skills and you should be able to raise your fees by hundreds, thousands…yes, even tens of thousands of dollars per project.

Will you invest in your future success and prosperity as a copywriter, marketer, entrepreneur?

It’s up to you.