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The Robert Collier Swipe File

in Swipe Files

Most swipe files put them in one big PDF document with no index and no earthly way to find something that might be useful when you need it.

But this one is different.

There are two folders of the JPG images of each ad, titled with the HEADLINE, so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Here are images of the main two folders:


There are 41 images in the top folder and 65 in the bottom. And each file is named with the headline of the ad.

Also, there are two direct mail pieces, one sold the Robert Collier Letter Book and the other was the publisher’s most successful ad that sold hundreds of thousands of his books. Here are images of these two mailers:

Another thing, most swipe collections don’t process any of the images but these images have been painstakingly gone over manually with very expensive software to improve image quality so you can read all the copy, not just headline and maybe subheads.