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“Aren’t You Just Sick And Tired Of Struggling To Find The Right Words & Phrases For Your Ad Copy?”

“Discover The Fastest And Laziest Way To Crank Out Your Own Hyper-Effective Sales Letter That Sucks Up Cash Like A Twister On Steroids!”

Even If You Flunked English And Have NEVER Written A Single Word Of Copy In Your Entire Life!”

Dear Friend,

Writing sucks!

Anybody who tells you that they like writing is either a first-year journalism student, a pathological liar… or an utter freak of nature.

Even though I’m paid very handsomely for the copy I create, I hate to write. In fact, at this very moment… I don’t really want to be here at my desk writing this website!

There are plenty of things I’d rather be doing…

I mean let’s face it: When the weather is perfect for relaxing in the sun or kayaking on the river… when its opening day for your favorite sports team or Hollywood blockbuster… when there’s that once-a-year sale at your favorite designer salon or your local Porsche dealership… when your sweetie is free for dinner and a movie (and maybe some romance)…

Is THAT the time that you want to be chained to your desk?

Would you really rather say, “No” to all of life’s pleasures so that you can say “Yes” to staring at a blank piece of paper, pulling out your hair, desperately trying to string words together?

Come on! You’d rather be doing anything but writing… especially copywriting!

Confessions of One of the World’s Greatest Copywriters!
The Ugly Truth That The Gurus Don’t Want You To Know!

Hi, my name is Dan Lok.

I’ve been a copywriter since I was 19 years old. I’ve written hundreds of moneymaking ads and sales letters for clients in more than 39 industries. Heck, who knows…

You, yourself, may even have been “sold” with some of the irresistible copies I’ve written. I have a proven track record of selling over $17.3 million dollars of merchandise and services by mail, e-mail, retail, and websites. Fellow copywriters have dubbed me as “The Whiz Kid of Copywriting.” I’ve earned my reputation thanks to my stratospheric success in the trenches of advertising… not the halls of academia.

I earn my living — a very, very good one — writing ads and web copy and direct mail letters that create fortunes for businesses and entrepreneurs… A very nice 6-figure annual income as a hotshot freelance copywriter.

I am definitely NOT complaining. But my friend, I’m telling you… although I’m very good at what I do, there are times when I wish I just didn’t have to do it. There are moments in my life when…

I wish I’d never gotten into this damn profession!

If you think borrowing 20 bucks from your friend is tough… try asking people to open their wallets and give you some money without any face-to-face interaction!

There’re even moments in my career which… I must produce 2 or 3 sales letters within days when my mind is completely frozen. I have to sit there, write, write and write for 8 hours straight like a mad man!

Can you imagine that?

There’s a real paradox in copywriting — copy that’s easy to read is brutally hard to write. And although writing isn’t rocket science or brain surgery, I believe it is one of the hardest jobs in the world! And nothing, nothing is harder than copywriting.

If you’re writing a novel or a short story, your inner muse is your guide and if some of the writing is a little long-winded or over-the-top… does it really matter?

If you’re writing a non-fiction book or article, and you slip in a little “filler” here and there… will it make any difference?

The audience for both fiction and non-fiction writing is a friendly, welcoming audience. Consumers buy a book because they want what’s inside, so they are likely to start reading and keep reading until the end.

Sales copy doesn’t have that luxury. When you’re a copywriter… every word has to count! It has to be persuasive and personal… and keep the reader enthralled from start to finish (…or perhaps I should say, “sale.”)

Now then you might ask me, “Dan, if it’s so bad, why are you still in it?”

That’s a good question. And here’s why…

Because I think copywriting IS the most powerful skill an entrepreneur can master!

When you “get” copywriting, you’re in a position to print money.

Overnight, you can turnaround any business with the power of your pen (keyboard). Flood your business with customers. Shove truckloads of cash in your pocket. And yes… rip the heads off your competition!

(So you can see why I’m a “player” in the copywriting “game,” even though it’s tough.)

Let’s face it…

Without absolutely grab-em-by-the-throat copy, it won’t matter if you have the best products or services in the world… It won’t matter how “professional” your website looks… or how high your rankings are in the searching engines… heck it won’t even matter if you’re getting an avalanche of targeted traffic to your site…

… None of this stuff means squat if you copy doesn’t sell! Period. Full Stop. End of story.

The mastery of copywriting is THE essential skill you need to create money on demand.It IS the ultimate form of financial security and profit potential!

In fact, I’ll go one step further and say…

“Dan Lok is, without a doubt, one of the most ingenious and innovative marketers I’ve ever come across… and one of the few people whose advice I trust. Listen to what he has to say… This guy will help you make a Quantum Leap in your business.”

— Daniel S. Peña, Sr.
Super Coach to High Performance
Founder and Chairman of The Guthrie Group

Note: Mr. Peña turned $820 into a $400 million market-valued energy company in 8 short years!


“Dan Lok is to copywriting and marketing what Tiger Woods is to golf, or Donald Trump is to Real Estate! I have never seen anyone write with such impact. He has an extraordinary way of capturing people’s attention through the written word. Dan knows writing AND he knows marketing. Most importantly, he is a man who can do exactly what he says he can do, do it exactly when he says he will – and do it with absolute integrity and honesty. If you want to Make It BIG in business, Dan Lok is your man. He has my highest recommendation.”

— Frank McKinney
“The Maverick “Rock ‘n’ Roll Developer!”
Best-Selling Author, “Make It BIG!


“Dan Lok is a marketing genius, a world-class copywriter and an incredibly savvy entrepreneur. Get his products, get his coaching, get whatever you can from him, you’ll be totally glad yocopyu did!”

— Mike Litman
Co-Author #1 International Best-Seller “Conversations with Millionaires”

You’re Only One Good Sales Letter
Away From An Obscene Fortune…

Business “lore” is filled with amazing stories of “word power.” For example:

Are you familiar with The Wall Street Journal’s “Tale of Two Young Men”? This famous 800-word sales letter generated $2 billion in sales!!!

Or perhaps you’ve heard stories about the Agora Publishing empire. Agora went from zero to annual sales of $100 million thanks to the skillful writing of the company’s copywriter.

And then there’s Gary Halbert. His one-page “Coat of Arms” sales letter is legend. Created over 20 years ago, it’s still a powerhouse today and has generated more than $40 million in revenue!

So you see… a sales letter is the most powerful employee you could ever hire! And consider this:

  • A sales letter will always be there to serve you
  • A sales letter will never get tired
  • A sales letter will never complain
  • A sales letter will never ask for a raise, overtime, or a Christmas bonus

A sales letter will work tirelessly on your behalf night and day… day and night… on holidays… during a hurricane. No matter what you’re doing…

Your sales letter delivers your “sales pitch” perfectly every time, all the time.

A good sales letter is like an out-of-control vacuum cleaner ‘monster.” Night and day it’s working for you, sucking up money and constantly depositing that money right into your bank account, while you’re on the phone, meeting with clients, or taking a snooze.

Imagine… a 24-hour money machine that pumps out cash to you as reliably as the sun rising in the East!

But the bad news is…

The Road To Becoming A Master
Copywriter Is Absolutely Brutal…

Learning how to write order-pulling copy is difficult, time-consuming, frustrating, expensive, and extremely stressful.

Sorry, but it’s true…

It could take you YEARS of trial and error to figure out what works, what materials to study, how to prevent costly mistakes, and how to systematically write in a way for that’s tailored to your business and designed to generate the most sales possible!

I know what a struggle this process is because almost every week, I get a lot of emails just like this one…

Mike is no different than most people out there. In fact, he’s only one of a few hundred people who send me emails like this all the time. In other words, they’re saying…

“Dan, I Don’t Want To Learn How To Fish,
I Just Want The Damn Fish!”

(Perhaps you’re in the same boat?)

That’s when I decided to partner up with “Iron Chef” Ewen Chia. Not to open a sushi restaurant, but to venture out into the “copywriting’ ocean, hook the “big ones,” fry ’em up for you, and then serve them right to your table!

All you have to do is open your mouth and say “Ah”! Ewen and I have done the rest.

Ewen is a respected and established veteran Internet marketer. He’s got a fiery passion for creating unique content and a conversion-oriented style that makes fellow marketers go WOW… while consumers say, “I’m buying.”

The author of Turnkey Internet Profits, Mini eBook Secrets, Resale Rights Secrets and Website Conversion Secrets, among others, Ewen is NOT one of those “self-proclaimed gurus” who tout themselves as the best thing since peanut butter, sliced bread, or flush toilets. (The information you get from most of those people generally needs to be “flushed.”)

Ewen just goes about his business, rolling out product after product, service after service and raking tons of cold, hard cash… time after time… silently… with deadly effectiveness.

Ewen is as rich in compliments for his business style as he is for his marketing savvy. He’s a man of integrity with a generosity of spirit that makes him a real pleasure to work with. Considerate and gracious, this is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet in the marketing arena… or any arena for that matter.

Ewen and I have tracked down, assimilated and collected – a ‘one-of-a-kind’ private collection of winning ads and sales letters created by some of the most sought after copywriters in the world…

You won’t believe this “Gallery of the Greatest”…


Which Of These World-Class
Copywriters Do You Recognize?

Carl Galletti

Carl Galletti has risen to the top of the world of direct response advertising, copywriting and Internet marketing, and is now considered by many to be one of the best freelance copywriters and marketing experts in the country.

Copywriting master Gary Halbert (the genius I mentioned above with the “Coat of Arms” letter) refers to Carl as a copywriting genius and million-dollar marketer. Jay Abraham has relied on Carl repeatedly to write sizzling sales copy that makes things happen!

What results does Carl achieve that generates this kind of praise?

  • One of Carl’s clients spent an hour with him and made a few minor changes to some existing sales copy. The client re-tested the copy and the results were unprecedented: $500,000 more sales in 30 days. But wait… the numbers get better: this was a monthly subscription service, so the client was racking in$500,000 every month for 12 months!
  • Another client of in the Real Estate business booked $46,000 in escrow as a direct result of Carl’s sales letter! (How’s that for “curb appeal?”)

Yanik Silver

At just 30-years-old, Yanik Silver was recognized as the leading expert on creating automatic, moneymaking web sites.

Yanik’s friends were rolling on the floor laughing when he told them he was going to put up a web site. And they had every right to be amused since Yanik had absolutely no web site design skills, zero HTML or coding knowledge…

In fact, Yanik didn’t have much computer “know-how” whatsoever (still doesn’t). But he wasn’t about to be stopped by what he didn’t know. Yanik went ahead with his simple 2-page web site and the flood of orders hasn’t stopped since. Yanik is a highly sought after speaker and attendees regularly pay up to $4,995.00 per person to hear his secrets.

Yanik got the last laugh on his friends. They’re still on the floor — but this time in shock over what he’s achieved.


Randy Gage

Randy Gage is considered by many in the know to be the world’s foremost copywriter. A former high school dropout who became a self-made millionaire, Randy has taught marketing strategies to people around the world through seminars, training and consulting.

For more than 20 years, Randy has been helping people build successful businesses through effective marketing strategies – while operating his own multi-million dollar company.

His in-the-trenches experiences in direct marketing, as an entrepreneur, and in life will help you see how to transform all of your marketing efforts and make them profitable!

Trevor Crook

Trevor Crook is an in-demand copywriter and marketing expert from “down under” — Brisbane, Australia. Trevor’s a “straight shooter” who does not sugar coat anything for anyone. He is known for his ‘No B.S.’ style and his ability to deliver information to you in such a simple . . . ‘straight between the eyes’ way . . . that you’re glued to your seat and your eyes are glued to his copy.

He has personally interviewed over 5,000 business owners and dealt with over 200 industries and if he hasn’t covered your specific business niche… it’s a good bet he’s gotten pretty close to it.

Michel Fortin

A direct response copywriter for close to 15 years, Michel Fortin has an uncanny knack for writing clearly, persuasively and vibrantly. His extraordinary his track record of success speaks of itself.

In the last few years, Michael was instrumental in selling millions of dollars worth of products and services for a wide variety of clients stretching close to 200 different industries.

Jo Han Mok

Jo Han Mok is the president of Super Fast Profit Enterprise and a frequent guest and featured speaker at Internet Marketing boot camps and conferences on hot business topics such as copywriting. He is a sought-after copywriter and Internet Marketing consultant and has co-created highly successful books and info-products.

Just one of his sales letters grossed 6 figures in less than 4 weeks!

Jo Han’s successes include the Killer Web Copy Software, Proof that Hypnotic Marketing Works; and his latest book (co-authored with Dr. Joe ‘Mr. Fire’ Vitale), The E-Code: “47 Surprising Ways To Make Money Online, Almost Instantly!”

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero collided with the world of red-hot copywriting by accident. A trained journalist and a freelance writer by trade, she had never even tried doing the kind of writing that she heralded for today until the turn of the century (1999).

The style and flair of Lorrie’s copywriting are unique compared with much of the same-old/same-old web copy that you see today. The personal “voice” of her copy is often described as conversational and relationship-building.

Her clients include Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup For The Soul), Les Brown, Tom Antion, and a host of other respected speakers, authors, and publishers. “It’s almost like she’s talking you through it,” said one client. “Lorrie keeps your attention from the first word to the last.”

Harlan D. Kilstein Ed.D.C.Ht.

Dr. Harlan D. Kilstein is a master trainer of Hypnosis and Certified Modeler of Neuro-linguistic Programming. But above all, he is a master of “selling” people by speaking directly to their unconscious minds.

At one point during his long and successful career in business, Harlan owned the largest and most successful hypnosis center in North America. At this center, he trained and developed a stunningly effective sales technique, C3P4, which persuades on an other-than-conscious level.

Scott T. Smith

Scott T. Smith writes sales generating, order-pulling copywriting that ‘works’ to maximize your bottom line. A true word “Smith,” Scott has written for hundreds of companies in North America and around the world.

Scott is extremely versatile, skilled at helping clients ranging in size from Mom ‘n’ Pop shops to multi-national corporations. A thoughtful veteran of the copywriting wars, he is featured in a new book by copywriting ‘guru’ Robert W. Bly.

Tony Policci

Prior to founding ABC M&C, Tony Policci served as a consultant to over 3500 clients. He has created and co-created sales strategies with his clients, executed targeted marketing plans, and has written and critiqued thousands of ads, sales letters, scripts etc.

Tony has been published in numerous trade magazines and is the author of two marketing books. The response doublers guide to creating a killer yellow-page or print ad and A Wise Guys Copywriting Rule Book – How To Break The Legs Of Poor Profitability.

These “big brains” and copy geniuses have “cracked the code” that zeroes in on a consumers’ heart and mind, paving the way to business success… so now it’s easy for you to put your business on a fast track to more sales, bigger sales, betters sales… and a millionaire’s bank account!

“You guys are $%@&^ nuts! These are never-before-seen ‘controls’ that will transform any copywriting rookie into a world-class copywriter in a heartbeat. You should charge at least $500 for this package!!!”

– Jo Han Mok

You get a mountain of unstoppable promotional wizardry, the ultimate “swipe file” from probably the best copywriters of the late 20th Century…

How Many Ways Can YOU Massively Profit From These
Super Valuable, Hard-Core, One-Of-A-Kind Sales Pitches?

“Between the covers” of Underground Sales Letters™, you’ll find copies of famous and infamous ads and letters. These messages have moved mountains of consumers to spend mountains of cash!

Here’s a generous sample of some of the winners:

  • If You Would Like To Write DIRECT MAIL SALES LETTERS That Could Make You Rich, Here Is A 100% Guaranteed Way For You To Get Professional Level Results In The Shortest Possible Time… (Sales Letter for The Copywriter Protégé Program)
    Information you were NEVER meant to know… The #1 Insider Secret Of Marketing! (Sales Letter for The Greatest Advertising Secrets of All Time)
  • “Ya Gotta Believe!!!” The Amazin’ 1969 NY Mets Stun Baseball Fans… Win Their First World Series (Sales Letter for a Sports Collectible)
  • Nobel Prize Winning MD Discovers Amazing Secret That Could Lead To A Longer and Healthier Life for You and Your Family (Sales Letter for A New Way to Improve Your Health Special Report & Audio Tape)
  • Your “No-Selling” Way To Riches!!! Here’s the Information You Requested to Show How You Can Make A Bundle of Money Working As Much Time As You Want and Without Having to Do Any Selling At All… (Sales Letter for a Business Opportunity – Jonathan Rich Dealer)
  • Upgrade Your Lifestyle by Turning Your Mind Into a Powerful Cash Generator! (Sales Letter for Cleaning Out the Closest of Your Mind for Wealth Home Study Course)
  • The Essential ONE-DAY, Hands-On Workshop Guaranteed to Painlessly Take Your Business On The Internet! (Sales Letter for Joel Christopher’s One Day Regional Master ListBuilder workshop)
  • How an Overworked Mother in her Early 40s Whittled her Body Down TWO Dress Sizes in Less Than 30 Days! Without Leaving Her House! (Sales Letter for Russian Kettlebells)
  • The Amazing Story Of A California Woman In Her Mid-30s Who Stumbled Upon The Greatest Health And Nutrition Secret Of All Time! (Sales Letter for Body Balance)
    “Exposed – The Fastest And Hands Down Most Easy Way To Succeed Online! (Sales Letter for Total Marketing Success Package)
  • “How To Get Rich In Real Estate Using A Little-Known Secret That Has Been Proven To Get Results, And How You Can Put This Secret To Work for YOU!” (Sales Letter for The ‘Simple Secret’ Affiliate Program)
  • “How A Fractured Foot Can Results In A Massively Successful Internet Business That Spits Out Profits For You 24/7 On Auto-pilot, Even While You’re Sleeping! (Sales Letter for Ninja Marketing)
  • Hook Up Now With Fly Fishers Worldwide & Sell More of Your Products and Services! (Sales Letter for onFlyFishing advertising package)
  • The Easy Way to Manage Your Marketing Online… Discover the simple way to ‘make Web profit happen’ today (Sales Letter for PromoMinder)
  • You Earn 100% Profit On Every Single Sale You Make With SuccessTeam (Sales Letter for SuccessTeam)
  • A “Confidential Letter To The ‘Dad’ Of The Household”
  • WARNING Homeowners! 1 in 3 Homes Will Be Infested By TERMITES
  • Here’s How YOU Can Be Mentored By a 30 Year Old Multi-Millionaire Who Started from Scratch Just Seven Short Years Ago!
  • “Do You Make These Costly Mistakes In Farming?”
  • “How Can We Offer You This Fetal Doppler For Only $447?” Read The Fact Below To Find Out How To Save Hundreds – One Time Only! (Full-page ad for Huntleigh Flexi Dopplex)
  • Discover The Secrets To Attracting More LASIK Patients and Creating Endless Referrals Without Dropping Your Fees… 100% Guaranteed! (Sales Letters from LASIK Patient Attraction Took Kit)
  • Buy One SureTemp Thermometer And Get Another One FREE When You Trade-In A Competitive Model! (Full page ad for WelchAllyn SureTemp 679 Thermometer)
  • The Mastermind Event So Powerful – Even Napoleon Hill Couldn’t Have Envisioned It! (A mind-blowing of 39-page sales letter for Network Marketing Mastermind III)
  • It’s Been Two Weeks Since The MUFSO Conference… And I’ve Got Something Private To Ask You. (Sales Letter for consulting)
  • Amazing FREE Consultation Reveals – Becoming Thin is Simply Hearing the Right Words… If For You, Dieting Is Just Another Thing That Improves Your Appetite, Maybe It’s Time You Discovered Dynamic Changes. ( Sales Letter for Dynamic Changes)
  • “How One Small Change To What You’re Already Doing Will Cause A HUGE, Electrifying Surge In Your Cash Flow” (Revised Sales Letter for Great Headlines Instantly)
  • How Would You Like The Secret To Getting More Done – Plus – A Way To Never Forget Another Appointment, Anniversary, Idea – You Name It… EVER Again! (Sales letter for ScanCard® system)

This sizable list of incredible, compelling, pull the consumers out of their seats and the money out of their wallet sales letters is the merest silver of what you’ll receive!

There’s just too much to list!!!

I really can’t do it justice… it’s supreme… it’s mind-blowing – the ultimate “short-cut” to becoming an absolutely professional, high-level, direct-response marketing wizard – who hits home-run after home-run… but without the hard work and steep learning curve.

Why sit down and write a letter when all the “work” has already been done for you… by the masters of the game?

Get this package now and you’ll possess the key to creating kick-ass copy without melting down mentally or bleeding from the ears just from trying to just write a good headline from scratch!

“Every copywriter’s treasure is a swipe file of proven winners. Copy that has beaten controls… and stood the test of time. Ads that have launched wildly successful businesses… and pulled mind-blowing
profits. Words that have tugged at heartstrings… and loosened purse strings.

Spotting great sales copy is hard work. Knowing which ones were successful is harder still. Finding them all in one place, even rarer. Compiling such a collection could take you years – and cost a fortune.

Luckily you won’t have to wait so long or spend as much. Ewen Chia and Dan Lok have put together such an amazing collection of actual winning copywriting examples, it’ll blow your socks off! Over FOUR HUNDRED pages of pure gold, any serious copywriter would give an arm and leg to own.

Underground Sales Letters” will have a prominent place on my bookshelf, beside the AWAI “Hall of Fame” collector’s edition.”

— Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian


Imagine… You’ll Never Again Suffer Through
The Pain And Hassle Of Trying To Write
A Kick-Butt Sales Letter Yourself!

By now, I’m sure you are wondering how much you’ll invest to get this amazing “swipe file”. And since most of these letters can’t be found anywhere, at any price… you’re probably figuring it’s gonna be a bundle!

Please keep reading…

This is an underground collection of 49 magnetic sales letters that clients paid world-class copywriters from $5,000.00 to as much $15,000.00 EACH to write! You’re getting a minimum of $245,000.00 in “true value”…

But you don’t have to invest anywhere near that amount. Because although its contents are priceless, Underground Sales Letters™ is incredibly affordable.

In fact, we’ve made this a no-brainer decision for you…

You’ll invest just $67 to get your eager little hands (and eyes) on a gigantic anthology of the world’s greatest marketing masterpieces… the greatest collection of “super salesmanship” under the sun…

And Underground Sales Letters™ is the only place you’ll find these outrageously effective messages condensed in one easy to use resource, that’s perfect for you… whoever you are and whatever you’re selling!

For only $67 bucks, you get everything I described in an all-in-one TKO combo-punch package.

And the risk is on us because you’re totally covered by our personal

100% Love-It or Shove-It
Money-Back Guarantee

“Our guarantee is simple. Get Underground Sales Letters™. Go through the whole thing. You’ll have an entire 90 days to make up your mind.

If you don’t “see the money” for yourself… If you don’t start cashing in like you never have before. If you don’t put more money in your pocket by “modeling” these ferocious sales letters… (and if you don’t do it in less time than you ever imagined!)…

Then just say the word and you’ll instantly get a 100% complete, no hassles, no questions asked refund. You’ll get your money back right away.

Underground Sales Letters™ will either line your pockets with huge wads of money… faster than you ever imagined…

Or just say the word and you’ll get your money back as an instant refund for giving it a try. You have absolutely NOTHING to lose and a whole lot of profits to gain. That’s the most anyone could expect out of life!

It doesn’t get any better than that. You make money or you get yours back!”

“Just once in a very long while, a new product comes to the internet that promises a lot and delivers on all it promises. Underground Sales Letters is such a product… written by experts, produced by experts, marketed by experts, this really is a “you can’t go wrong” publication, it’s all been done for you.

Grab it quick, and watch it grab you back!

— Graham Hamer

Can You Really Afford To Play Russian Roulette
With Your Business By Not Stacking All The
Marketing Odds In Your Favor?

Ewen and I are testing different prices.

This means we can’t say how long we’ll keep this special price open. After all, you get such a powerful end result – the ability to crank out your own hyper-effective sales letters that sucks up cash like a twister on steroids… for the rest of your life!

This package is worth a hundred times what we’re charging, and you know in your heart it’s true. You’ve got a chance to get your hands on a never-ending stream of money, one that you can splash around in when you’re old and gray, or while you’re young and frisky.

We’re giving away the farm here… but only if you order right now!

In fables, “slow and steady wins the race,” but in the business world: “the race goes to the swift.” If you sit on your thumbs… if you don’t take this “call to action” seriously… you’ll lose out on this no-risk, “pot-sweetening” bargain offer!

So click here for an instant download of Underground Sales Letters™. Once your credit card is approved, you will be taken to a special download page… where you will be downloading Underground Sales Letters™ along with your FREE Bonuses within minutes!

Are You A “Real” Marketer Or
A Wishy-Washy Wannabe?

Frankly, this is super-advanced stuff for players only.

You’re either gonna appreciate the value of this package right away and take action now (and if you do, congratulations, you’re a true marketer) or you’re gonna just keep limping along, wondering why the “other guys” always seem to get rich.

Underground Sales Letters™ is the final slice of the promotional pie… the “missing link” that will tie together everything in your current collection of books, tapes, and swipe files!

You’re not “finished” until you’ve added Underground Sales Letters™ to your arsenal. Click here to order risk-free right now!

To Your Incredible Success,

Ewen Chia

Dan Lok

P.S. I doubt you’ll EVER again have the chance to get your hands on as complete… as thorough… as perfect… a collection as Underground Sales Letters™! After all, you can’t “turn back the clock” and magically collect all these past promotions!

P.S.S. Remember that you get 49 ultra-rare sales letters, 4 incredible bonuses worth $229.80, and a 90-day money-back guarantee… for only $67 bucks… but you must order right now! So, hurry – the clock is ticking! You’ve got nothing to lose and a huge fortune to gain!


Click Here NOW to download your copy!
It doesn’t matter if it’s 3:01 am in the morning!

“Learning to create powerful sales letters is obviously THE most important skill in marketing. The easiest, and fastest, way to get really good at it is by studying the best, most successful ‘existing’ million dollar sales letters.

Nothing else comes close to holding an actual letter in your hands that has been responsible for producing millions in profits – something that has been PROVEN to produce huge profits, out in the real world.

Your collection of marketing masterpieces makes it extremely easy for anyone to grab the *best* stuff from these powerful pieces and create their very own sizzling, profit-churning sales letters in no time.

Thanks for putting together this valuable resource!”

— Bryan Kumar

“If you want to write a great sales letter, you’ll need to read other successful copywriting. And the quickest and easiest way to do this is to get a swipe file of best copies ever written.

This what Dan and Ewen have done for you by creating Underground Sales Letter ebook. This ebook is remarkable compared to any other swipe files I’ve seen because it’s a collection of rare great copies that you’ll never find elsewhere. It includes copies written by gurus to sell offline products that have nothing to do with internet marketing!

Ewen and Dan have gone to the extra mile to track some of the best copies ever written that I can use to ‘copy’. Awesome work!”

— Patric Chan

Since downloading and beginning to read your “Underground Sales Letters” eBook I have been glued to my chair. I have never seen such an awesome collection of sales letters. For the past six hours and forty-seven minutes, I have been totally absorbed in your new book analyzing every letter and writing furiously in my notebook. This eBook is a goldmine – it is crammed full of great attention-grabbing headlines, persuasion techniques and sales tactics that I have never seen before.

I thought I already had a pretty good swipe file; adding this collection from some of the worlds best copywriters have turned it into something that will always be on my desk when I am writing new sales letters. Thanks!”

 John Taylor